Greenfield picking

Published on: 12. October 2017

Author : Linda Mertes

Where is your imagination in picking?

“Now just imagine…” – all of us have heard this before. When it comes to mapping complex processes, it is difficult to describe changes plausibly. This also applies to picking processes at bakeries: Explaining possible optimizations in an understandable way requires – not only extensive knowledge of day-to-day business at the bakery – but also requires the listener to have a great imagination. To give your imagination the help it needs, toolbox has come up with a new solution: The toolbox Dispatch Academy.

„Learning By Doing!“

Since 1996, toolbox has optimized more than 800 different dispatch departments with customized workflows. Therefore, we have a wealth of experience at our disposal. However, there are still minor areas for improvement that can help streamline processes. Over the past 20 years, these changes were made by implementing dispotool during ongoing operation at the bakery. With the toolbox Dispatch Academy, these settings can be discussed, configured and tested before implementation – without having to interrupt day-to-day business.

Your new picking system – as easy as cake!

Satisfied customers are happy customers. The goal is to offer an easy-to-implement concept for picking. Even the “old hands”, who have been used to other processes for many years, can easily learn new tricks – that is – a new picking process. The toolbox Dispatch Academy allows them to practice by using the new system in their familiar dispatch environment but fully independent of ongoing operation in the bakery. New processes come to life, making them clear to everyone.