“If you stop getting better, you stop being good.” *

Published on: 14. June 2018

Author : Linda Mertes

To maintain this continuous improvement process, we at toolbox, continuously turn new screws to develop and adjust dispotool.

The optimum use of the system, of course, can only be guaranteed when all improvements are used and realized in practice. It is not enough to just know and master these functions.  Optimal results are reached only through efficient synergy between the system functions and the best organization of dispatch.

Consulting and support is very important to us at toolbox – even after the installation of dispotool. This care-free package is not only our unique selling point but also one we identify ourselves with every day.

Therefore, we offer a picking training to all of our customers.

What does this mean?  For any company – no matter what kind it is or what industry it belongs to – internal change

Is indispensable.  toolbox continuously improves dispotool and our customers also experience internal modifications in their companies. So that our customers can use all the advantages of dispotool, and exploit the whole potential of picking, we offer a picking training to them.  This implies that, once again, a consultant visit

your bakery and accompanies you through dispatch during regular picking time to get a holistic overview of the actual dispatch process.  During this visit rough improvement suggestions are made.  These can range from path optimization to more efficient surface use and personnel restructuring.  In the aftermath, these rough suggestions are summarized in detail and, if needed, written down as a concept.

It is very important for us to always underline the fact that cooperation does not end with the installation of dispotool.  Even after installation, we provide advice and support to our customers – which is based on more than 25 years of experience. Often, an objective view from the outside can open up new perspectives and help find hidden potentials.  Your stress-free picking is what we care about – even years after the installation of dispotool.


* Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), English statesman and army commander.