The lack of skilled employees in bakeries

Published on: 7. May 2018

Author : Linda Mertes

Skilled worker shortage is an important issue – especially in the bakery sector. Digitalization is constantly discredited in view of the decrease in jobs. However, on the other hand, the fact that it can make work considerably easier, is often overseen.

Let’s take the example of picking in bakeries. Here workers, who have a sense of efficient work and, above all, endurance, are also needed. To find suitable workers for these vacant jobs in picking is really not easy. However, indispensable as the produced bakery goods need to reach the single branches and customers every night.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Finding recruitment for picking in bakeries could be so easy in future. Work simplification of all demands is an important factor in terms of competing for employees because easier and more efficient work sounds more attractive.

With a picking system for intralogistics, work becomes more efficient and easier for all employees in dispatch.

It is not a secret that dispatching with packing lists is exhausting and stressful. Often, they are unreadable, blurred, greasy or even damaged. Whoever has to deal with these delivery notes in administration rarely enjoys doing so. Also, working with delivery notes is not efficient, since it can only be dispatched by using one hand and the recording of the difference in amounts steals precious time – every night. Not only delivering all bakery goods on schedule is significant but also ensuring their freshness is of utmost importance for all bakeries.

Due to digitalization, all these sources of stress can soon can be a thing of the past. Pen and paper look obsolete because displays indicate all the important information for pickers.

One system – where all the difference in amounts can be entered and readably stored – make work easier for the maintenance staff. All important information e.g. the picker’s name, the dispatched amounts, the article’s name and also the time are evaluable and can be gathered electronically. This is not an imaginary world but reality. It could become a leading role in struggling to find new employees for picking in bakeries.

It’s not only the fact that all current generations searching for employment or an apprenticeship are digital natives. It is of great importance for the job seekers and also the fact that work becomes easier and less stressful.